Arrow Civil. Connecting Everyone and Everything.

Arrow Civil is on the forefront of constructing 5G networks and is currently contracted to build aver 3000 cell sites in Colorado. Arrow Civil has helped systemize the construction of tomorrow’s 5G networks. Our services and offerings include facilitating utility locates, right-of-way permitting, 6 acres of land and warehouse for inventory and storage of small cell towers and pre-cast foundations, hydro-vac and excavation services, complete cell tower construction, underground directional boring, and full site restoration.

Here is a little more about 5G:

5G Ultra Wideband runs on a much higher frequency than 4G LTE. That’s one reason why it’ll provide ultra-fast speeds, reduce lag time to 10 milliseconds and have far greater network capacity. So, in a future where billions of devices demand more data, 5G networks will make that happen.

Huge amounts of money will be invested in installing and maintaining the pizza box-sized small cells to transmit 5G wireless signals and from the backbone of next-generation networks.

5G will bring a wide range of economic and social benefits, including millions of jobs in communities across America.

America's wireless companies are beginning to invest an estimated $275 billion into building 5G networks. This will create three million new jobs and add $500 billion to the economy. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every 100 Americans will benefit from a new 5G job.

Every industry, including healthcare, energy, transportation, law enforcement, e-commerce, logistics, and education will be positively impacted by 5G.

That’s the power of 5G. It will touch every facet of our lives, enabling us to be safer, think smarter, and react quicker.

Arrow Civil is honored to have been chosen as one of the first pioneers in building 5G networks in Colorado. Arrow Civil has also been honored to have have been invited by CTIA to be recognized as a “Small Cities Group Member”, along with companies such as Black & Veatch, AT&T, Apple, Verizon, Samsung and others that are paving the way to 5G.

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